Logistics Optimization


Applied expertise for unique solutions.

MAY 5 2021

Your business faces a unique set of obstacles, while striving towards particular goals. Our Problem Solvers can offer you a customized set of solutions that help surmount those issues and meet your goals. Our expertise across all aspects of logistics efficiency—supply chain, inventory, management, packaging solutions, hazardous material transport, warehouse design, and business processes—means that you'll get the best custom solutions for your business.


Transportation Optimization

FEBRUARY 20 2021

Transportation and logistics operations can be a competitive differentiator. Transportation planning, optimization, and execution are focused on two areas: cost and service. Poorly defined service requirements can either disappoint customers or lead companies to pay for service levels their customers neither demand nor expect.



Packaging Engineering


There's a science to making sure shipments arrive safely and intact--it begins with the packaging and package engineering. At the UPS Package Design and Test Lab our certified engineers use leading-edge technologies to simulate real-world package transport scenarios.Movement along your supply chain can take a toll on your shipments, and your packaging must be able to hold up under various conditions. UPS's test lab is a place where packages are tested for their endurance under extreme conditions. Here packages go through compression, impact, vibration, and shock tests. The data from these tests help our engineers identify the most appropriate packaging for your product to help prevent damages, minimize reshipments, and keep your customers coming back for more.